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Milan: mysteries and unusual itineraries between reality and legend

Universally recognised as an industrious city, an important centre of finance and fashion, Milan has some aspects not very known, but equally fascinating. Within the texture of the fabric of the city and the folds of the frenetic streets, the churches and the ancient palaces tell about a millenary story. A story that began with thick woods where there were Celtic villages and then became mighty Roman structures and later on gorgeous Renaissance villas. And there are voices that tell of saints, of famous people, but also of murderers, legends and ghosts. A trip to discover the disappeared Navigli (waterways), the secrets that conceal themselves in famous places as the Duomo (Cathedral) and the Castello Sforzesco (Castle), the squares where the witches were burnt, the symbols left by Templars and  Freemasons. A guide that will accompany the tourists and discerning readers to discover a city rich in history, architecture and curiosities.

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